On The Street Where I Live

I hate to brag, but really exciting things happen in New York every single day. There are constantly fabulous free things going on, from Broadway performances to yoga to concerts to knitting lessons to art exhibits – if you find yourself bored here, you might as well give up and die – you’re probably done with life anyway.

We’ve had a couple of extra-exciting days here that I imagine would resuscitate even the most critical case of boredom. I’ll start at the beginning with saying that I love Twitter. Many question the need for this seemingly pointless social medium, but it’s proven to be incredibly useful since I’ve moved to New York. I follow a bunch of “New York” tweeters, and everyone always keeps everyone else informed about the goings on: free food today, where you can get $1 mugs tonight, free New York Philharmonic this place, etc. etc. On Wednesday morning, one of these tweets read “Paul McCartney performing today at 5:15 on the Ed Sullivan Theater marquee”. Seriously? Really? When, where, HOW does that happen?!

In New York, bitches!

Ok, sorry, but yes, it happened . . . and it was amazing. John and I headed over to the theater around 4:30 and were able to get, oh, 50 feet away from Macca himself. Not to sound dramatic or anything, but this was really a momentous occasion in my life, and for it to come so unexpectedly, and for so, so FREE . . . well, it just made it that much more delicious. Of course, like any kid with parents who grew up in the 60s, The Beatles weren’t a band that I discovered on my own; they’ve just always been a part of my life’s soundtrack. When I was in 7th grade, they sort of made this “comeback” with the release of the Anthology albums. That Christmas all I wanted was that first Anthology, and I made no secret about it, telling my parents, Santa, the baby Jesus, homeless people, dogs, begging, pleading for it. But come Christmas morning, there was no. Beatles. Anthology.

I know, right?

However, my dad did one better, and instead of the dumb old Anthology, I got Rubber Soul, Revolver, Sgt. Pepper’s, With the Beatles,  and Magical Mystery Tour . . . basically five extremely important editions of the Encyclopedia Britannica of popular music. So as you can imagine, being so close to the “cute one”, seeing him perform at the very place he made his American debut . . . it was pretty spectacular. He sang two songs for the Late Show, but kept playing for about 30-45 minutes – “Get Back”, “Band on the Run”, “Back in the USSR”, “Helter Skelter”, “Let Me Roll It”, “Coming Up”, among others. For example . . .

Paul McCartney

In other excitement related news, the Presidential motorcade drove down our street yesterday – twice! He didn’t wave out the window of the Barackmobile like he did on Wisconsin Avenue when I saw him a few months ago, but it was pretty cool nonetheless. And it was on our street!! For those of you who haven’t seen the motorcade, it looks a little something like this:

Such a production! I wonder what will happen today?


4 thoughts on “On The Street Where I Live

  1. WendyD says:

    ‘Helter Skelter’?! *dies*

    Your only saving grace is that he didn’t do ‘Jude’ otherwise I would have to kill you.

    Honestly, I’ve never been a fan of NYC any the times I’ve been (the things I did there were usually awesome, but the town always leaves me feeling I need a shower), I’m more of a London or Chicago girl as far as the big cities go, but maybe I need a Kiki-lead tour to enjoy it properly.

  2. Rach says:

    Wow, so, Paul McCartney at a free, live show in NYC huh? Well, I went to Ikea, Bed Bath and Beyond AND The Container Store this weekend….so suck it.

    P.s. By August 1st I will be nice and cozy in my…I mean…our new digs so plan on a play-date 🙂

  3. Lisa says:

    I was amused by every car hitting the pothole in the crosswalk.

    Pretty cool experiences so far, you are really making the most out of living in NYC!

  4. […] to stay informed about what’s going on, where, and for how much. It’s how I found out about the free Paul McCartney concert this summer, the Frederic Fekkai shampoo swap this fall, and how I entered a contest (and WON!) for […]

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