All Is Full of Love by Björk

For my first official Music Monday, I’ve chosen the song All is Full of Love by Björk. This song first caught my attention because of its dreamy, sort of spacey sound. To me, it sounds the way a lucid dream feels, and I can imagine this being the soundtrack to one wherein I’m floating through space. This makes sense in a way, because Iceland, the land of Björk’s birth, is sort of lunar itself. When I traveled there once in the dead of winter, I felt as if I had landed on the moon: complete darkness and a desolate landscape dotted by rocky craters, steaming geysers and hot springs, sparsely populated by people with a language so foreign it might as well be Lunese (you know, the official language of the moon). Oh, that and the fact that Björk is an alien.

The chill, silky vibe of the music is what drew me in, but what I really love are the lyrics:

You’ll be given love.
You’ll be taken care of.
You’ll be given love.
You have to trust it.
Maybe not from the sources you have poured yours.
Maybe not from the direction you are starring at.
Twist your head around –
It’s all around you.
All is full of love,
All around you!
All is full of love,
You just ain’t receiving.
Your phone is off the hook.
Your doors are all shut.
. . . All is full of love.

When I type them out, they sort of remind me of a chapter in the Tao Te Ching: simplistic, but surprisingly wise. There have been many times when friends of mine have been unhappy about not being in relationships, and I have wanted to tell them to listen to this song . . . but I haven’t because I know they would probably be like, “thanks, you bitch. Björk, really? Well la-di-da, I’m glad you and the swan chick have everything figured out”. But the idea of love and happiness being everywhere, in just about everything, is so calming, and like a chapter from the Tao, perspective-changing. If you’re upset about not having it, perhaps asking “why don’t I have love in my life?” is the sign of a heart and mind that is already closed – you DO have these things, you’re just choosing to focus in on a little sliver of all the types of calls received and directions to look. Consider the big picture, find love and beauty in unexpected places, and maybe your outcome will change.

You can listen to the song here.


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