Me, Mayer, Maryland

It’s Monday and I’m supposed to write about music, but I think I’m going to skip a week. There’s been a bit of music overload here as of late, so instead I’m going to write about silence. Here are the lyrics:














So first things first: as part of the Great Interview Experiment (see below), I too was interviewed and was paired up with Adam of Avitable. You can read my interview here. He’s a really funny writer so check out his blog and follow him on Twitter. If you are offended by images of ice cream or Hitler or men with facial hair in general, I wouldn’t suggest this site, but I also wouldn’t suggest that we be friends either so . . . go away, loser. I see in the comments section for my last post that there is some controversy regarding the boringness of the questions I was asked. I would like to go on the record (STOP THE PRESSES) to say that there is no such thing as a stupid question, but there are stupid answers. I tried to make my answers as non-stupid as possible, although I did misspell Gloria Steinem. Thank you for including that, Mr. Avitable, by the way. Meez smart.

This whole interviewing thing was really fun, but it also made me think of my blog and how it’s set up and what it looks like and what other people think of it  . . . something I of course have always considered, but haven’t really focused on too much. Maybe I’ll try to work on making it prettier. Luckily I have so much substance . . .


So just a quick update, I guess. Thursday John and I went to see John Mayer at the Ed Sullivan Theater which is where Letterman is taped. John got in line for us at 5:30 and we were FINALLY ushered into the theater around 7:45. For the last hour we were stuck inside of the main lobby and being shoved in a small room with a lot of people doesn’t sit well with me. AT ALL. But luckily they had free hot chocolate and cookies and I knew that it was all worth it. Like Ryan Seacrest, the theater is much, much, MUCH smaller than it looks on TV and only seats 400 people, so I had reason to hold off the panic attack. We got to sit smack dab in the middle of the  first row of the upper level, so were basically right on top of John Mayer, which is pretty much how I like things to be. In fact, you’ll never believe it, but we made eye contact.

You guys, seriously. He smiled at me. And you’re not going to believe me, but he made the little phone gesture with his hand and mouthed “call me”. He wrote his number on a piece of paper, fashioned a small airplane out of it and flung it my way. He winked. He sang “Your Body is a Wonderland” and stared at me the whole time. I went home, glowing. I called him from the bathroom so that other John wouldn’t hear. He didn’t answer. I left a voicemail. I said, “Umm, hiii this is the girl from the show, you know, the brunette whose body is a wonderland? Ha ha! Um, I just thought I’d call to say “hey”. Hey. The show was really great! I LOVE “Heartbreak Warfare”! Really great job. Really amazing. I’m so glad you played “Gravity”, too – so beautiful. Love that song. One of the best you’ve ever written, in my opinion. But um anyway, so yeah. I live in the city, so if you want to give me a call, that’s cool. Whenever you want, you know, or not, it’s no big deal. Whatever works, ha ha! I’m sure you’re busy, ha ha ha! We could just get a drink or something, you know, if you’re free. Just let me know. Ummm . . .  ok, so well, thanks again for such a great show, I really loved it and love the new album. It’s really fantastic. Ok. Byeee!”

And that’s pretty much how it ended.

Ok you’re going to have to figure out how much of that is true, but the show really was great and it was  surreal seeing one my favorite musicians that close in such a small venue.

The rest of the weekend John and I (my John, ugh) just sort of did nothing. Went to the gym, watched some movies, walked around a bit, and slept. A lot. I guess we’re resting up for the holidays which start on Wednesday with what I’m sure will be a super-fun-amazing bus ride. I love Thanksgiving and am excited to see my family and visit friends in DC, but it’s funny, I really am not looking forward to leaving New York. Even though I’ve only lived here about six months, I feel comfortable here. I feel relaxed here.

Like I mentioned, I’m claustrophobic, and a common misconception about claustrophobia is that it only pertains to confined spaces, when it actually has more to do with escape, ability to be mobile. In New York, everything is so easily accessible – walk out the door and you can have just about anything you want in a matter of minutes. In the suburbs, in DC, it’s not as easy. Like, we’re actually going to have to drive places. Like sit in a car and drive for 30-40 minutes. And there’s going to be lots of grass. And we’re going to have to wait for 20 minutes for a Metro train to show up and then take a long ride. It’s unbelievable how quickly I have adapted to being mobile here, and how I never really adapted to being mobile in the DMV. Sometimes big spaces can be just as claustrophobic. I am, however, so excited to see my family and all my cousins and eat my mom’s amazing food and see friends and go to Georgetown and eat Booeymonger fries and . . . ok I admit it, go to TARGET!

Anyway, even though I stealthily tied all of that together with a big neurotic phobia-bow, I am sorry for the schizophrenic nature of this post. And for making light of psychological disorders. If anyone is coming here for the first time due to the Interview thingy, I swear I can be better. Please don’t judge by this awful post. That is all. Thank you.


3 thoughts on “Me, Mayer, Maryland

  1. avitable says:

    Well, to be honest, I was going to correct it, but then I thought that maybe you were being clever by referring to her as a “ham” since she tends to be overly dramatic, etc., so I decided to leave it as is. So we’ll all just pretend that it was a clever pun!

  2. Kealan Casey says:

    I am hilarious!

  3. Nanette says:

    Soooo jealous that you got to see him perform!!!

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