Nine nine nine nine, nine nine nine nine, hey hey hey, GOODBYE.


Aww, wasn’t that cute?

I wrote this big, long post yesterday in Word all about how I’m in this reflective and therefore BAD mood, and when I came back to my computer . . . it was gone. Window closed, no auto-recovery. Poof. I mean, really, how does that even happen?

But I guess it’s symbolic of just how effed-up (sorry Mom! But “eff” is not a bad word) 2009 has been. You work and work and think maybe you’ve accomplished something, maybe things are close to being done, and . . . poof. START ALL OVER AGAIN, ASSHOLE!

Ok that is a bad word, but come on . . . if any year deserves on it’s THIS YEAR.

All right all right, I’m being slightly dramatic BUT NOT REALLY. Well, I mean, I guess we have our health, a roof over our heads, food, Barack Obama is our president, George Bush is not, we moved to New York, we went to the Caribbean, we went to Las Vegas and California, John finished business school, my aunt Joanie is healthy, my cousin Kelly had a baby, my dad got a new job, I got to go to a lot of amazing concerts . . .


. . . and now that that’s done, I am all (tentative) positivity for 2010!

Things HAVE to shape up, right? No, I guess they don’t, but let’s hope. Having a positive attitude obviously doesn’t mean that terrible, horrible, no good, very bad things won’t happen to you, but it does affect how you handle them. So I’m leaving my wounded, negative, beaten attitude behind in ’09 and am excited for this new year. Ten is my lucky number afterall, and this year my birthday will 10/10/10! If that’s not a good omen, what is?

So many horribly sad, awful things happened this decade; even now I’m really only just starting to realize how much September 11th affected so many circumstances of my adulthood. I’m so ready to do what I can to make 2010 great and put this last one behind. I became an adult this crazy, messed up decade, and while it was an extraordinarily difficult one to do so, it is what it is, and I hope that I’m stronger for it.

But now it’s time to celebrate!

A DJ created this video/audio mashup of the top 25 Billboard singles of 2009, and it’s interesting how so many of the songs focus on the word “down”. Here they’re twisted a bit to make a song about picking yourself up. I guess because of my reflective, gloomy mood this made me tear up a bit the first time I saw it, but it’s a nice, uplifting way to commemorate the year.  Miley and all.

I hope that everyone has a great New Year’s Eve (even though there is way too much pressure to have fun, and personally, people telling me what to do pretty much makes me want to do the opposite) and an even better 2010. I hope you all are able to get that negative ’09 energy out now and start TEN! with a refreshed sense of peace and adventure.

See you next year!


2 thoughts on “Nine nine nine nine, nine nine nine nine, hey hey hey, GOODBYE.

  1. kelly says:

    i am reading this with tears in my eyes…2009 was a huge year on so many levels, good and bad! honored to be included in your post:) love you!!!!

  2. Rach says:

    I hope to see lots more of you this year!! (Esp. now that I’m all experienced in the NY/DC Bus!) We will have to celebrate 10.10.10 in a big way!! Please save me a seat on the “positive train” because ’09 is soo over and I’m ready for good times ahead in twenty ten! xox

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