#72 – Ice Skate in Central Park at Christmas Time

Woo hoo! The first item crossed off my Life List! It’s very pathetic indeed that this is only the first since I posted this list months ago (and there are perfectly attainable things to accomplish without traveling the world), but I’ve never really been one for pressure. Actually, in my defense, I did #72 over a month ago and just haven’t gotten around to posting it, so who knows what I’ve been up to. Maybe a covert trip to Positano? A bar fight after the rodeo?

I wish.

Anyway, my goal for these to-dos is to shoot a little video blog (or “vlog” for all you word-combining folks out there) as I’m doing the particular, uh, “thing”, explaining why it was on the list and to generally hold myself accountable. So, here I am, ice skating in Central Park’s Wollman Rink, which is now owned by Donald Trump, naturally, and a fact we’ll choose to ignore from here out. I promise the videos will get better and I will eventually look more relaxed and less like an evil clown midget holding a kitten at gunpoint is taping me . . . and not just John.

The rink at Rockefeller Center gets a lot of attention since it’s got the gigantic tree and the Today show right next to it, but it’s not very claustrophobic-friendly, being very small and super crowded. I suppose the one in Central Park is where the locals go based on the fact that Whoopi Goldberg learned to skate there, and if it’s good enough for Whoopi, well . . . let’s just say I’ve been considering dreadlocks for some time now and I used to have a huge crush on Ted Danson.

Wollman Rink is nice and big and far less crowded, and is surrounded by the Pierre, the Plaza, the Time Warner building,  and all the gorgeous landmarks of Central Park South. I love Central Park at night; in certain parts you can see the lights flashing from Times Square, but when countered by the eerie quiet and stillness, the effect is alarmingly peaceful. When you match this with Christmas songs, the ambiance is well taken care of, so all you have to do is focus on not breaking your ass.

Here I am doing my signature triple salchow double Lutz single axel sit spin . . .

. . . but John can only skate forward, so unfortunately you can’t see it. Typical.

So, first one down, 71 to go. So far. I still need to make my way to 100. Hopefully this will get the wheels in motion.  


2 thoughts on “#72 – Ice Skate in Central Park at Christmas Time

  1. WendyD says:

    Congrats on getting one off the list.

    BTW, the videos are set to private so most of us can’t see them…

  2. Kealan Casey says:

    Whoops! Thanks, should be fixed now . . .

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